The Sea The Sea - Stumbling Home Digital Download (PRESALE 08/28/20)

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Stumbling Home - High quality WAV download

Receive an immediate download of the first single, Parachute.


Release Date: August 28th 2020

Stumbling Home is the 3rd album from indie-folk duo The Sea The Sea. Like Simon & Garfunkel with an electric guitar, or today’s duo version of Fleetwood Mac but without the inter-band conflict, The Sea The Sea continues to explore their harmony-driven sound, while focusing on piercing, heartfelt lyrics.

“This new album is the work we are most proud of to date,” shares Mira. “We are proud of the way we grew the arrangements in our new creative space. Making music fills us, and we also believe that it matters in the world. Our mission statement as a band is to remind people they aren’t alone — in their pains or their joys, and everything in-between.”


Nothing Brighter
A Thousand Years
I'll Be Loving You
Real Thing
Foreign Country
Fall Before The Climb
Stumbling Home



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