Bad Wolves - N.A.T.I.O.N. Vinyl

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Bad Wolves

Billboard ranking supergroup Bad Wolves is back with album number two. Following the success of the first album, this second album N.A.T.I.O.N will standout!  The Single “Killing Me Slowly” will be the track stuck in your head for days.  Aggressive, passionate, in your face, Bad Wolves as a group show their musicianship with heavy riffs, rhythms, and vocals once again. 


  • 1. I’ll Be There
  • 2. No Messiah
  • 3. Learn To Walk Again
  • 4. Killing Me Slowly
  • 5. Better Off This Way
  • 6. Foe Or Friend
  • 7. Sober
  • 8. Back In The Days
  • 9. The Consumerist
  • 10. Heaven So Heartless
  • 11. Crying Game
  • 12. LA Song

Line up:

Tommy Vext – Vocals

Doc Coyle – Guitar

Chris Cain – Guitar

Kyle Konkiel – Bass

John Boecklin – Drums

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