My Bubba - Limited Edition Artist Print & Hi-Fi Digital Download

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We're so happy to share these limited edition artist prints by Sean W. Spellman, who sat in on the recordings of My Bubba & Elsa Sjunger Visor // Sing Swedish Songs and gave us a visual component to the record with his portrait of us and Elsa in the middle of singing one of our favorite Swedish folk songs. Each print is signed and hand-numbered (50 in total) and goes great on most walls, especially with the record playing in the same room. 

My Bubba & Elsa Sjunger Visor // Sing Swedish Songs is a collection of My Bubba's favorite Swedish folk songs. They were recorded deep in the Swedish woods together with longtime friend Elsa Håkansson. More information about the album, along with translations and videos can be found here. Each print comes with a code and instructions how to download the album (hi-fi audio). More fresh art by Sean W. Spellman can be found here.

Category: artist: My Bubba

Type: Art Print

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