311 - Voyager Blue Splatter Vinyl

311's 2019 release: Voyager on limited edition Blue Splatter Vinyl.

Double LP 

Includes Download Card

311's 13th studio album VOYAGER, 13 new songs, 4 tracks recorded with "Grammy-nominated" producer John Feldmann (projects: Blink-182, Panic! At the Disco) and collaborator/live engineer Scotch Ralston, who produced 311's Transistor, Soundsystem and Stereolithic.  Awesome album art from Magictorch (Sam Williams).  


1 "Crossfire"
2 "Don't You Worry"
3 "Stainless"
4 "Space and Time"
5 "Dream State"
6 "Good Feeling"
7 "What The?!"
8 "Better Space"
9 "Dodging Raindrops"
10 "Rolling Through"
11 "Born to Live"
12 "Charge It Up"
13 "Lucid Dreams"

Type: Vinyl Album

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