Tex Smith -Pink and Black CD

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Released in 2015.  When you hear the words “pink and black” what thoughts spring to mind? Elvis Presley? HIs and Hers? Johnny and June? Bingo! This lighthearted, upbeat duet record subtitled “sings and plays songs about love” is the most stylishly classic record Tex has ever done and is thematically his biggest not yet to the 50’s. Co-produced again with Seth Gibbs at Sweetheart Studios in Austin, TX Pink and Black is a classic Country duet album featuring an all-star cast of players including Tex’s lovely wife, Maybelle Crawford on vocals (Gladys & Maybelle), Whit Smith and Jake Erwin (Hot Club of Cowtown) on guitar and bass, along with members of Tex’s original live band The Haymakers, formulating a chemistry that could only produce what is a rollicking, Country Roots, goodtime, sunny day, gravel road flavored record.

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Type: Compact Disc

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