Lovekillers Feat. Tony Harnell - Self Titled CD

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Do you remember when albums like TNT’s “Intuition” and “Tell No Tales” were regularly played on your stereo? The Norwegian band worked themselves into a musical niche presenting the virtuoso guitar approach from Ronni LeTekro and the soaring vocals of the US singer Tony Harnell as trademarks of a unique melodic hard rock sound. Lovekillers marks Tony Harnell’s return to the soaring vocals and melodic hard rock sound of the \'80s TNT albums. It is an over-the-top and straight ahead way to embrace the classic sound, while bringing it back with passion and the amazing vocal register that only Harnell can deliver. Written by Harnell together with Alessandro Del Vecchio and other skilled writers like Nigel Bailey, Pete Alpenborg, Marco Sivo, and Jonas Hornqvist, and produced by Del Vecchio.

Category: artist: Frontiers, cd

Type: Compact Disc

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