JIBE - Epic Tales of Human Nature

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Recorded at Orb Recording studios in Austin, TX, produced by Matt Noveskey (Blue October), and mixed by Grammy award-winning producer/engineer, Toby Wright (Metallica, Alice In Chains, Korn), Epic Tales of Human Nature reflects a fire and intensity lacking in today’s world. From beginning to the very end this 13 song masterpiece takes the listener on a journey of uncontainable highs and devastatingly toxic lows, a story all too familiar with the boys in JIBE.

"This is one of those albums every band hopes to make at some point in their career, one that can stand the tests of time and will always sound exceptional, the message never ceasing to be applicable. The most tangible thing JIBE created since their resurrection, Epic Tales of Human Nature cements the fact that the band has only just begun as they prepare to take the music world by storm once more."

-Jordan Buford,The Music Enthusiast, Texas


Track Listing:

  1. Children of the Sun
  2. Broken City
  3. The Human Condition
  4. Release
  5. Girl On a Hill
  6. A Shadow In the Garden
  7. Change
  8. We've Only Just Begun
  9. Don't Give It All Away
  10. Waiting
  11. Best I Ever Had
  12. Sanctuary
  13. Bravery

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