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Features acoustic versions of 19 songs from one of Justin Furstenfeld's (Blue October) legendary one man shows “An Open Book".  Beautifully crafted and thoughtfully performed fan favorites reflecting on important moments on his journey.  A listening experience that relates to a feeling of reading someone you care for's personal diary.

From a beautifully fragile love song Justin wrote in high school (Morning Everything) to songs like Graceful Dancing that remind us while we may not always have the answers we can overcome what challenges us by bravely moving forward.  Breakfast After 10 a story of a love that's lost and still longing "you've got to make her know how it feels to miss you” and the emotional freedom one feels when you finally find the courage to move on.  An acoustic version of the timeless platinum selling classic Into the Ocean. History For Sale's gem Ugly Side and a precious reminder to cherish what’s most important to us in Home.  

The Open Book winter Album is must have record for those who enjoy the lost art of story telling in song.

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