Novena - Eleventh Hour CD (PRESALE 03/06/20)

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Album to be released 03/06/2020. Receive a digital download of the first single, followed by the full album on release day.

Novena is a new progressive metal/rock act from the UK that features frontman Ross Jennings, also of Haken, in addition to other established UK musicians. The band exploits fully the world class skills of their talented line-up: Ross Jennings’ (HAKEN) unmatchable voice, to Gareth Mason’s (Slice The Cake) inimitable poetry; Dan Thornton’s (Ex-HAARP Machine, Ex-No Sin Evades His Gaze) blistering guitar work, to Cameron Spence’s (Ravenface) invariably musical drumming, deeply rooted in pop idiom, and unlike anything else in the modern prog scene; from Moat Lowe’s (Slugdge, Ex-NSEHG) expressive and versatile bass playing to Harrison White’s (Theatrical Director and Composer) complex and nuanced compositions. Novena delivers something greater than the sum of its parts.

Category: artist: Frontiers, cd

Type: Compact Disc

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