Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - TV Eyes Archives DVD (PRESALE 01/01/21)

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Here’s not only a collection of performances from the only 3 TV Eyes concerts ever performed while showcasing for record companies in Los Angeles between 2002-03, but also included is the entirety of the background video we created that served as the in-sync visual backdrop to our unique audio/video presentation.

Disc One - The Videos
  1. The Party’s Over
  2. Mission: Submission
  3. Love to Need
  4. What She Said
  5. Fade Away
  6. She Gets Around
  7. Time’s Up
  8. Over the City
  9. Fascinating
  10. She’s a Study

Disc Two - Live, May 13, 2003 Troubadour
  1. Over the City
  2. She’s a Study
  3. Fascinating
  4. Need to Love
  5. What She Said
  6. Mission: Submission
  7. The Party’s Over
  8. She Gets Around

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