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Neon Alley, every city has them. Large or small, it's that place in town where everything's happening. The shops, restaurants, clubs, and the energy of people out on the town, all blending together to bring the night to life.   The debut CD from David Vaccaro's new band Neon Alley wants to take you there with its neon blast of guitar-driven modern classic rock.

From the gritty hard rocking CD opener of That's How It Is to warm mid-tempo ballad of I Only Want To Be With You the songs all move and flow, just like the energy of the city streets that gives the band its name. And unlike many of today's CD's which seem to be over-produced to sterilized perfection, Neon Alley's gives you what you want-the music. It's real.

Order your copy of Neon Alley's debut CD today and find yourself under the glow of the neon lights!


"...David carries a talent for carrying a tune, and there are plenty of those reverberating in hummable hard rock fashion. Highlights are carved out in the form of “That’s How It Is”, a catchy rock anthem and the dreamy echoes of “I Only Want to Be With You”. The cover of “Jailhouse Rock” is another favorite; a refreshing reworking of the classic..."
-(Daniel Pavlica,
"This album chock full of guitar-driven modern classic rockers kicks off in fine style with the thunderous 'That's How It Is', and backs it up with the more melodic 'All I Want', before that aforementioned cover, a rather unexpectedly ballsy 'Jailhouse Rock'. Wow, what a brilliant rendition these boys bring to the fore here, which they follow up with the drum-led 'I Only Want To Be With You'.
-(Anne Carlini, CD Reviews,
" Neon Alley, It is loud, it is brash, it is exactly what Classic Rock should be."
- (Simon Barrett's, Blog Talk Radio)
"NEON ALLEY: A solid dose of arena rock in search of an arena, this power trio delivers the kind of classic headbang that will speak for the generation throughout the generations. For teens that go to music festivals where it’s about rocking out instead of seeing and being seen, it’s like the 80s and 90s never left. Hot stuff that raging hormones will totally understand."
- (

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